We turn, mill, grind and heat-treat for sustainable design.

PartnerTech Karlskoga AB has one of Sweden’s most modern facilities for advanced machining. The core of this operation is the manufacturing of products for the defence industry. We employ this unique expertise and experience to the benefit of customers in a growing number of industrial fields where there are stringent demands on highly refined products.

Complex machining requires expertise

In our business we constantly meet customers who impose exacting demands on us and the products we process. And the demands on documentation are at least as stringent.

For us it is a matter of having the right expertise and being able to handle the complex machining of difficult materials. Being able to meet these requirements is no coincidence. As a supplier to the defence industry of many years we know what is required and expected of us. It is not unusual that we know more about the product than our customers.

Take advantage of our expertise early in the design phase

Our policy on collaboration is clear. We possess unique experience and expertise that boosts and improves both the product and the manufacturing process. We want our customers to benefit from this.

Where we are involved at an early phase of the design process we will contribute, in an open dialogue, with the cost effective development and improvement of the finished product. We can participate throughout the production chain with the choice of materials, design, manufacture, assembly and performance testing.

A state-of-the art production facility

Production is divided into departments for prototypes and short production runs, series production and assembly. The machine park consists of advanced machining centres and turn-mill centres. Partnertech is certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001.

At our facility we have highly qualified experts and resources for:

Design: choice of materials, design, heat- and surface-treatments

Manufacturing processes: turning, milling, tempering, cold forming, spin forming, electron beam welding, hard turning, grinding, honing and polishing

Inspection: mechanical and non-destructive testing, certified measurement,

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